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In 2010  Keith’s brother started writing.

After the initial euphoria on finding an outlet for that creative fire burning since childhood, he soon realised the world wasn't quite ready for tales of Ian Brown drinking piss, cocaine induced paranoia, The Stockholm Monsters, of pretending to be Norman Whiteside in Las Vegas,  selling snide football programs outside the Nou Camp and one about an auntie who looks a bit like Clint Boon.


Is the world ready now?

Probably not, but despite a general consensus that he should knock it all on the head, the writing continues.


A selection of short stories are available to read here.

Keith’s brother occasionally reads at various open mic and spoken word events.

'He mentions places you know like Little Hulton and his grammar's good too' - Abbie's mum

Keith’s brother exists somewhere between the cinema scope of a Mancunian James Joyce and the musical orbit of a teenage John Barry in the midst of an experimental Neu!/Kraftwerk phase.
If tales of buses through Levenshulme, unrequited Instagram love, wearing a Stone Island coat to nip to the shops, and seven-year-olds who talk like their grandad are your thing, then read on.


‘The lyrics are pretty bleak featuring themes of prison, self-harm and suicide’ 

RGM Magazine August 2023


Not really my thing but good luck with it’

- Mike Duff (Poet)

Keith’s brother’s work has featured on BBC Radio, All FM, as part of Glasgow’s Thi Wurd Live Event and has performed twice at Liverpool’s famous Violette Societta,
(Irvine Welsh only ever managed it the once).


He's also supported Reverend And The Makers' Album Launch event in Sheffield 2023.

‘The best musical thing I’ve heard in about four years’ - Rev

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